Womens Cologne Boxing World Cup, Germany 2019


The Women’s Cologne Boxing World Cup finals previously known as the Chemistry Cup took place in Cologne, Germany on the 14th April 2019 and saw participation by 21 national teams who registered to take part in the Tournament in seven weight divisions.

Seven new boxers were crowned Champions. Among the winners World ranked number 7 Bantamweight Maisnam Devi, World ranked number 6 Featherweight Michaela Walsh, World ranked number 2 Lightweight Mira Potkonen, and World ranked number 3 Middleweight Lauren Price


51kg Anush Grigoryan ARM Amalie Manich DEN
51kg Carly Mcnaul IRL Pinki Rani IND
54kg Maisnam Devi IND Erdenedalai Michidmaa MGL
54kg Bunyanut Machai THA
57kg Michaela Walsh IRL

Lacramioara Perijoc

57kg Sakshi IND Tintabthai Preedakamon THA
60kg Mira Potkonen FIN Zichun Xu CHN
60kg Paige Murney GBR Parveen IND
64kg Chengyu Yang CHN Maya Kleinhans GER

Pwilao Basumatari

IND Aiaaja Ditte Frostholm DEN
69kg Liu Yang CHN Baek Yvonne Rasmussen DEN
69kg Nadine Apetz GER Rosie Eccles GBR
75kg Lauren Price GBR Irina Schonberger GER
75kg Sarah Scheurich GER Jie Zhang CHN


51kg Anush Grigoryan ARM Carly Mcnaul IRL
54kg Maisnam Devi IND Bunyanut Machai THA
57kg Michaela Walsh IRL Sakshi IND
60kg Mira Potkonen FIN Paige Murney GBR
64kg Chengyu Yang CHN

Pwilao Basumatari

69kg Liu Yang CHN Nadine Apetz GER
75kg Lauren Price GBR Sarah Scheurich GER

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Aiaaja FrostholmWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Amalie ManichWomens Flyweight 51KG
Anush GrigoryanWomens Flyweight 51KG
Baek RasmussenWomens Welterweight 69KG
Bunyanut MachaiWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Carly McNaulWomens Flyweight 51KG
Chengyu YangWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Erdenedalai MichidmaaWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Irina SchonbergerWomens Middleweight 75KG
Jie ZhangWomens Middleweight 75KG
Lacramioara PerijocWomens Featherweight 57KG
Lauren PriceWomens Middleweight 75KG
Liu YangWomens Welterweight 69KG
Maisnam DeviWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Maya KleinhansWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Michaela WalshWomens Featherweight 57KG
Mira PotkonenWomens Lightweight 60KG
Nadine ApetzWomens Welterweight 69KG
Paige MurneyWomens Lightweight 60KG
ParveenWomens Lightweight 60KG
Pinki RaniWomens Flyweight 51KG
Pwilao BasumatariWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Rosie EcclesWomens Welterweight 69KG
SakshiWomens Featherweight 57KG
Sarah ScheurichWomens Middleweight 75KG
Tintabthai PreedakamonWomens Featherweight 57KG
Zichun XuWomens Lightweight 60KG

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