Wales Mens National Championships 2019


The Welsh Men’s National Championships finals took place in Cardiff, Wales on the 19th April 2019 and saw participation in nine weight divisions.

Nine new boxers were crowned National Champions

52kg Jake Dodd
56kg Kyle Morrison
60kg Kane Shepherd
64kg Liam Taylor
69kg Shane Taffesauffer
75kg Kyran Jones
81kg Harris Khan
91kg Sam Leyson
+91kg Guilio Galliana

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Guilio GallianaSuper Heavyweight +91KG
Harris KhanLight Heavyweight 81KG
Jake DoddFlyweight 52KG
Kane ShepherdLightweight 60KG
Kyle MorrisonBantamweight 56KG
Kyran JonesMiddleweight 75KG
Liam TaylorLight Welterweight 64KG
Sam LeysonHeavyweight 91KG
Shane TaffesaufferWelterweight 69KG

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