Womens Nations Cup, Serbia, 2019



Europe’s first international competition in 2019, The Nations Women’s Cup finals took place in Sombor, Serbia on the 20th January 2019 and saw full participation in all weight divisions.

177 International Senior and Junior female boxers from countries including Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Serbia, Greece, China, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Norway, and Lithuania represented their countries at the tournament. This was the 8th time the tournament has been held, but on this occasion included the elite, youth, junior and schoolgirls at the same time.

Seven new senior female boxers won titles, only three previous winners retained their titles, Bantamweight Dina Zholaman Welterweight Natalia Sychugova and Heavyweight Lyazzat Kungeibayeva holding on to their titles from 2018.

48kg Alua Balkibekova KAZ Mariia Khuzakhmetova RUS 5-0
48kg Luliia Chumgalakova RUS Gloria D’almeida FRA 5-0
51kg Angelina Lukas KAZ Nina Radovanovic SRB 5-0
51kg Nazym Kyzaibay KAZ Aikaterin Koutsogeorgopoulou GRE 4-1
54kg Szabina Szucs KAZ Bela Bagaeva RUS RSC
54kg Dina Zholaman KAZ Jiaqi Liu CHN 5-0
57kg Jelena Zekic SRB Mona Mestiaen FRA 5-0
57kg Andjela Brankovic SRB Sofia Nabet FRA 4-1
60kg Rimma Volossenko KAZ Aslahan Mehmedova BUL WO
60kg Sara Beram CRO Stelly Ferge FRA 5-0
64kg Eszter Oláh HUN Ornella Kheteeva RUS 4-1
64kg Marija Malenica CRO Aliya Abdraimova KAZ 3-2
69kg Madeleine Angelsen NOR Akerke Bakhytzhan KAZ 5-0
69kg Natalia Sychugova RUS Bayam Akbayeva KAZ 5-0
75kg Laurie Catherin FRA Aiida Ongdash KAZ 5-0
75kg Anna Anfinogenova RUS Jie Zhang CHN 5-0
81kg Iveta Lesinskyte LTU Moldi Bazarbayeva KAZ 5-0
+81kg Lyazzat Kungeibayeva KAZ Adrienn Juhász HUN 5-0


48kg Alua Balkibekova KAZ Luliia Chumgalakova RUS 4-1
51kg Angelina Lukas KAZ Nazym Kyzaibay KAZ 4-1
54kg Dina Zholaman KAZ Szabina Szucs HUN 5-0
57kg Jelena Zekic SRB Andjela Brankovic SRB 4-1
60kg Rimma Volossenko KAZ Sara Beram CRO 5-0
64kg Marija Malenica CRO Eszter Oláh HUN 5-0
69kg Natalia Sychugova RUS Madeleine Angelsen NOR 3-2
75kg Anna Anfinogenova RUS Laurie Catherin FRA 5-0
81kg Milena Matovic SRB Iveta Lesinskyte LTU 4-0
+81kg Lyazzat Kungeibayeva KAZ Aleksandra Dmitrieva RUS 4-1

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Aleksandra DmitrievaWomens Heavyweight +81KG
Milena MatovicWomens Light Heavyweight 81KG
Moldi BazarbayevaWomens Light Heavyweight 81KG
Jie ZhangWomens Middleweight 75KG
Aiida OngdashWomens Middleweight 75KG
Bayam AkbayevaWomens Welterweight 69KG
Akerke BakhytzhanWomens Welterweight 69KG
Aliya AbdraimovaWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Ornella KheteevaWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Stelly FergeWomens Lightweight 60KG
Aslahan MehmedovaWomens Lightweight 60KG
Sofia NabetWomens Featherweight 57KG
Jiaqi LiuWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Bela BagaevaWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Aikaterin KoutsogeorgopoulouWomens Flyweight 51KG
Nina RadovanovicWomens Flyweight 51KG
Gloria DalmeidaWomens Light Flyweight 48KG
Mariia KhuzakhmetovaWomens Light Flyweight 48KG
Lyazzat KungeibayevaWomens Heavyweight +81KG
Iveta LesinskyteWomens Light Heavyweight 81KG
Anna AnfinogenovaWomens Middleweight 75KG
Laurie CatherinWomens Middleweight 75KG
Natalia SychugovaWomens Welterweight 69KG
Marija MalenicaWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Rimma VolossenkoWomens Lightweight 60KG
Andjela BrankovicWomens Featherweight 57KG
Jelena ZekicWomens Featherweight 57KG
Dina ZholamanWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Szabina SzucsWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Nazym KyzaibayWomens Flyweight 51KG
Luliia ChumgalakovaWomens Light Flyweight 48KG
Alua BalkibekovaWomens Light Flyweight 48KG
Angelina LukasWomens Flyweight 51KG
Eszter OlahWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Adrienn JuhaszWomens Heavyweight +81KG
Madeleine AngelsenWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Sara BeramWomens Lightweight 60KG
Mona MestiaenWomens Featherweight 57KG