Namibia Mens National Championships 2018


The Namibia Men’s National Championships finals took place in Katima Mulilo, Namibia on the 2nd September 2018 and saw participation in nine weight divisions.

Nine new boxers were crowned National Champions including World ranked number 7 Light-Welterweight Junias Jonas

49kg Paulus Nghiyolwa
52kg Nestor Thomas
56kg Sylvinos Namphadi

Ndevelo TryAgain

64kg Junias Jonas
69kg Mosquito Shaanika
75kg Andreas Shikongo
81kg Immanuel Shaanika
91kg Henk Roets


Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Ndevelo TryAgainBantamweight 56KG
Henk RoetsHeavyweight 91KG
Immanuel ShaanikaLight Heavyweight 81KG
Andreas ShikongoMiddleweight 75KG
Mosquito ShaanikaWelterweight 69KG
Sylvinos NamphadiBantamweight 56KG
Nestor ThomasFlyweight 52KG
Paulus NghiyolwaLight Flyweight 49KG
Junias JonasLight Welterweight 64KG