Ireland Mens National Championships 2019


The Ireland Men’s National Championships and Ireland Women’s National Championships finals took place in Dublin, Ireland on the 23rd February 2019 and saw full participation in all weight divisions.

Eight new boxers were crowned National Champion and only two previous Champions retained their titles, World ranked number Six Welterweight Kieran Molloy, and Super Heavyweight Dean Gardiner holding on to their titles from 2018.

49kg Regan Buckley
52kg Adam Hession
56kg Patryk Adamus
60kg David Oliver Joyce
64kg James McGivern
69kg Kieran Molloy
75kg Gabriel Dossen
81kg Thomas O’Toole
91kg Anthony Browne
+91kg Dean Gardiner

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Dean GardinerSuper Heavyweight +91KG
Anthony BrowneHeavyweight 91KG
Thomas O’TooleLight Heavyweight 81KG
Gabriel DossenMiddleweight 75KG
David Oliver JoyceLightweight 60KG
Patryk AdamusBantamweight 56KG
Adam HessionFlyweight 52KG
Regan BuckleyLight Flyweight 49KG
Kieran MolloyWelterweight 69KG
James McGivernLightweight 60KG