France Womens National Championships 2019


The French Women’s National Championships finals took place in Vigneux, France on the 16th February 2019 and saw participation in eight weight divisions.

Five new boxers were crowned National Champion and only three previous Champions retained their titles, World ranked number nine Featherweight, Mona Mestiaen, Lightweight Amina Zidani, and Welterweight Sedia Sanogo all holding on to their titles from 2018.

48kg Elodie Bermudez
51kg Wassila Lkhadiri
54kg Caroline Cruveillier
57kg Mona Mestiaen
60kg Amina Zidani
64kg Flora Pili
69kg Sedia Sanogo
75kg Davina Michel

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Davina MichelWomens Middleweight 75KG
Sedia SanogoWomens Welterweight 69KG
Flora PiliWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Caroline CruveillierWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Wassila LkhadiriWomens Flyweight 51KG
Elodie BermudezWomens Light Flyweight 48KG
Amina ZidaniWomens Lightweight 60KG
Mona MestiaenWomens Featherweight 57KG