Finland Mens National Championships 2019


The Finland Men’s National Championships finals took place in Helsinki, Finland on the 12th May 2019 and saw participation in seven weight divisions.

Two new boxers were crowned National Champion and five previous Champions retained their titles, Lightweight Arslan Khataev, Middleweight Muhammad Abdilrasoon, Light heavyweight Krzysztof Wojciechowsk, Heavyweight Krenar Aliu and Super Heavyweight Antti Lehmusvirpi all holding on to their titles from 2018.

60kg Arslan Khataev
64kg Niazz Ahmadi
69kg Aydin Behruz
75kg Muhammad Abdilrasoon
81kg Krzysztof Wojciechowsk
91kg Krenar Aliu
+91kg Antti Lehmusvirpi

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Antti LehmusvirpiSuper Heavyweight +91KG
Arslan KhataevLightweight 60KG
Aydin BehruzWelterweight 69KG
Krenar AliuHeavyweight 91KG
Krzysztof WojciechowskiLight Heavyweight 81KG
Muhammad AbdilrasoonMiddleweight 75KG
Niazz AhmadiLight Welterweight 64KG