Dutch Mens National Championships 2019


The Dutch Men’s National Championships and Dutch Women’s National Championships finals took place in Rotterdam, Holland on the 20th January 2019, with only seven competing weight divisions in the Men’s Championships and five weight divisions in the Women’s Championships.

Four new boxers were crowned National Champion only three previous Champions retained their titles, Middleweight Zekaria Elhaij, Light Heavyweight Artjom Kasparian and World ranked number Six Heavyweight Roy Korving all holding on to their titles from 2018.

60kg Mustafa Aakra
64kg Enrico Lacruz
69kg Delano James
75kg Zekaria Elhaij
81kg Artjom Kasparian
91kg Roy Korving
+91kg Stanley Koemans

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Mustafa AakraLightweight 60KG
Enrico LacruzLight Welterweight 64KG
Delano JamesWelterweight 69KG
Zekaria ElhaijMiddleweight 75KG
Artjom KasparianLight Heavyweight 81KG
Stanley KoemansSuper Heavyweight +91KG
Roy KorvingHeavyweight 91KG