Croatia Womens National Championships 2019


The Croatia Women’s National Championships finals took place in Zagreb, Croatia on the 25th May 2019 and saw participation in seven weight divisions.

2019 Champions include World ranked number 17 Featherweight Sara Beram and World ranked number 17 Lightweight Marija Malenica, with five new boxers making their first appearance into the world rankings.

51kg Zeljana Pitesa
54kg Hrvojka Cudina
57kg Sara Beram
60kg Marija Malenica
64kg Marija Petric
69kg Sara Halimi
75kg Lucija Scrbec

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Hrvojka CudinaWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Lucija ScrbecWomens Middleweight 75KG
Marija MalenicaWomens Lightweight 60KG
Marija PetricWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Sara BeramWomens Featherweight 57KG
Sara HalimiWomens Welterweight 69KG
Zeljana PitesaWomens Flyweight 51KG

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