Canada Womens National Championships 2019


The Canadian Women’s National Championships finals took place in Langford, Canada on the 27th April 2019 and saw full participation in all ten weight divisions.

Eight new boxers were crowned National Champion only two previous Champions retained their titles, Light Flyweight Anne Marcotte, and Welterweight Sara Kali, holding on to their titles from 2018.

48kg Anne Marcotte
51kg Audrey Bernier
54kg Camille Goyer
57kg Caroline Veyre
60kg Leila Beaudoin
64kg Kaitlyn Clark
69kg Sara Kali
75kg Natali Fagan
81kg Melinda Watpool
+81kg Claudia Diaz

Medal Winners

Boxer Weight Division
Anne MarcotteWomens Light Flyweight 48KG
Audrey BernierWomens Flyweight 51KG
Camille GoyerWomens Bantamweight 54KG
Caroline VeyreWomens Featherweight 57KG
Claudia DiazWomens Heavyweight +81KG
Kaitlyn ClarkWomens Light Welterweight 64KG
Leila BeaudoinWomens Lightweight 60KG
Melinda WatpoolWomens Light Heavyweight 81KG
Natali FaganWomens Middleweight 75KG
Sara KaliWomens Welterweight 69KG