Boxers Punch Combinations

Boxers Punch Combinations are two or more punches thrown together in a single attack. A well-executed boxing combination is paramount to your boxing success and when done correctly can have a devastating impact on your opponent and improve your likelihood of victory

Always try to throw combinations whenever possible, the likelihood of landing punches is far greater than with throwing just single punches.

Always keep your opponent guessing, try to mix it up regularly going to the body and head with different combinations.

The Double Jab

The Double Jab
The Double Jab

The double Jab is just two jabs thrown one after the other. Particular attention must be taken to recover correctly immediately after each jab so that they can each achieve maximum power.

This is certainly a great way to generate a whole lot of your punches safely from a distance and it’s a good idea to switch jabs to work both the body and head.

The One-Two

The One-Two
The One-Two

The one-two is a single Jab followed by the Right Cross, the aim of the jab is to break open your opponent’s guard or knock the head back exposing the chin and then land with the right cross power punch.

Bring your left hand back to your original guard position the instant you have thrown the jab, don’t leave your hand hanging out there or drop your guard whilst throwing the right cross.

Remain in your Boxer’s Stance at all times, prevent overreaching whenever throwing the right cross by continuing to keep both feet on the ground.

The One-Two-Three

The One-Two-Three
The One-Two-Three

The one-two-three is a single Jab, followed by the right cross and then a Left Hook. The aim of the jab is to break open your opponent’s guard, land with the right cross and hit your opponent with the unexpected left hook.

Your Combinations should evolve from one side of your body towards the other, making use of any weight changes by improving the number of angles and directions with your attack and assisting you to make the power punches more efficient.

The one-two-three can feel incredibly natural as you lean towards the right with the jab, then to the left with the right cross, placing you in a natural position to help you throw the left hook with good power.

Multiple Punch Combinations

There are numerous variations of combinations that you can put together, practice them in the gym over and over until they feel natural. The last punch that was thrown will dictate what your next punch should be because of the position you find your self in.

Mixing up jabs, straight rights and left hooks with uppercuts can overwhelm an opponent due to the fact that punches will be coming in from all directions.

To form larger punch combos, learn how to join smaller sized combinations collectively. Such as a two-punch combination, a three-punch combination then followed by another two-punch combination.

Training these types of combinations is an excellent coordination routine and will help put your punches together.

It is vital that you do not forget that after every punch the hand should always go back to your guard position. It may be easy to forget in all the action, however, while not recovering properly, the head is exposed and punches are not so effective.

Two Punch Combinations To Try

  • Jab-Jab
  • Jab-Right Cross
  • Jab-Left Hook
  • Jab-Right Hook
  • Jab to Body-Right Cross
  • Left Hook-Right Cross
  • Left Hook-Right Uppercut
  • Left Uppercut-Right Cross
  • Left Uppercut-Right Uppercut
  • Left Uppercut-Right Hook

Three Punch Combinations To Try

  • Jab-Jab-Jab
  • Jab-Jab-Right Cross
  • Jab-Right Cross-Jab
  • Jab-Jab-Left Hook
  • Jab-Jab-Right Hook
  • Jab-Right Cross-Left Hook
  • Jab-Right Cross-Left Uppercut
  • Jab-Right Hook-Left Uppercut
  • Left Uppercut-Right Uppercut-Left Hook
  • Left Uppercut-Right Cross-Left Hook